Dropped Objects e-Learning

Dropped Objects e-Learning

Dropped Objects e-Learning provides an overview of the common causes and consequences of dropped objects.

This course is based on industry best practice and covers the importance of risk assessment, and the control measures that should be taken to eliminate or mitigate the consequences of potential dropped object incidents.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates completing a Dropped Objects e-Learning training course will be able to;

  • Explain what is meant by a ‘dropped object'
  • Identify the potential consequences of dropped objects
  • Identify the main causes of dropped objects
  • Explain the planning and risk assessment requirements associated with dropped object hazards
  • Explain the range of control measures that should be put in place to eliminate, or mitigate the potential consequences of, dropped objects
  • Identify the everyday actions that can be taken to prevent dropped object incidents

How To Book e-Learning

Book your Dropped Objects e-Learning training course online and you will receive a link to register for your course within 1 working day.