Chemical Use and Discharge e-Learning

Chemical Use and Discharge e-Learning

Chemical Use and Discharge e-Learning provides an overview of how chemicals are used and discharged offshore, their potential effects on the environment and the legislative and regulatory controls that are in place to minimise environmental impact.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates completing a Chemical Use and Discharge e-Learning trainingcourse will be bale to;

  • Explain the use of chemicals offshore
  • Identify the types of chemicals used offshore
  • Explain how chemicals may enter the environment
  • Explain the potential impact of chemicals on the environment
  • Describe the legislative framework for managing chemical use and discharge
  • Explain the chemical permit requirements
  • Describe permit variation requirements
  • Explain the non-compliance notification requirements associated with a breach of permit conditions
  • Describe monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Describe the actions to take in the event of a chemical spill and the associated reporting requirements
  • Describe the control measures that should be taken when storing, handling and using chemicals
  • Explain how to correctly dispose of chemicals after use

How To Book e-Learning

Book your Chemical Use and Discharge e-Learning training course online and you will receive a link to register for your course within 1 working day.