Eddy Current testing depends on measuring the changes in the impedance of a coil due to change in the flow of eddy current in a conductor. Any material change that affects the flow of the induced eddy current sufficiently can be detected. Because so many things affect the flow, eddy current inspection can be applied to a wide variety of test situations.

The course satisfies the formal training element of the Recommended Practice. Practical aspects are emphasised by ensuring that all theoretical training is complemented with opportunity to apply a variety of techniques and methods under the guidance of qualified instructors. At level 2, students are introduced to both static and dynamic phase display instrumentation along with instruction and report writing.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Eddy Current Level 2 training is:

  • To detect cracks, surface and near-surface, in aircraft components, structures, tubes and welds
  • To detect corrosion and thinning in non-magnetic materials
  • To grade and sort materials on the basis of conductivity and permeability
  • To write clear and concise inspection instructions and test reports
  • To meet the syllabus requirements of PCN Level 2

Course Objectives

  1. Review of Electromagnetic Theory
  2. Factors that affect Coil Impedance 
  3. Factors that affect Flux Leakage Fields 
  4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
  5. Selection of Test Frequency 
  6. Selection of Method of Magnetisation for Flux
  7. Leakage Testing 
  8. Coupling 
  9. Field Strength and Its Selection
  10. Field Orientation for Flux Leakage Testing
  11. Instrument Design Consideration
  12. Safety as applicable to Eddy Current Testing and Electrical Safety


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Level 2: 40 Hours Training in addition to training completed at Level 1 plus 9 Additional Months Work Experience  

Note: The examination may be taken before the work experience is completed; however certificates are not issued until proof of work experience is provided. After passing the examination, a results notice is issued by PCN, you then have 24 months to complete the required work experience.