Eddy Current testing depends on measuring the changes in the impedance of a coil due to change in the flow of eddy current in a conductor. Any material change that affects the flow of the induced eddy current sufficiently can be detected. Because so many things affect the flow, eddy current inspection can be applied to a wide variety of test situations.

This course provides detailed information on the inspection of welds using the Eddy-current Testing method, incorporating the latest equipment. This course is suitable for beginners and personnel with an existing NDT knowledge. PCN approved and provides excellent preparation for the Level 1 examination as specified by the relevant PCN documentation.

Course Objectives

The ojectives of the Eddy Current Level 1 Training is;

  • To evaluate the variables defined above and define the limitations of examination
  • To write clear and concise inspection instructions and test reports
  • To meet the syllabus requirements of PCN Level 1

Course Content

  1. Electrical properties
  2. Principles of magnetism
  3. Principles of electromagnetism
  4. Eddy-current inspection equipment
  5. Equipment calibration
  6. Defect detection and evaluation
  7. Eddy-current techniques
  8. Extensive practical experience
  9. Relevant standards
  10. PCN documentation

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Requirements for a personal certificate (PCN)

Level 1: 40 Hours Training plus 3 Months Work Experience