CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0

CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 provides the skills and knowledge to conduct visual inspection procedures in relation to welds.

Delegates will learn relevant codes of practice and welding inspection terms and definitions.

The training also covers wleding processes and defects, welding measurements, practical inspection, reporting and documentation.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 training course will be able to;

  • Identify various weld defects
  • Understand the relevant welding technology related to visual inspection
  • Understand the need for documentation in welding
  • Be aware of codes and standards related to inspection requirements
  • Carry out inspection of parent materials and consumables
  • Carry out visual inspection of welds, report on them and assess their compliance with specified acceptance criteria
  • Pass the CSWIP visual welding inspector qualification

Course Content

A CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 training course includes;

  1. Terms and definitions
  2. Visual inspection and typical duties of a welding inspector
  3. Welding imperfections
  4. Practical visual inspection
  5. Basic introduction to welding processes
  6. Materials inspection
  7. Welding consumables
  8. Non-destructive examination of welds - appreciation of common methods
  9. Welding procedure qualification and welder qualification
  10. Application and control of pre-heat
  11. Arc welding safety
  12. Weld repairs


There are no specific entry requirements for a CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 training course. However it is recommended candidates have a least 6 months welding-related engineering experience and 2 years industrial experience. Candidates must also comply with clause 1.3.4 of CSWIP document WI-6-92.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is delivered on behalf of AIS Training by TWI Ltd staff at the TWI Ltd centre in Aberdeen.