Candidates will experience the practical and theoretical application of command and control at Supervisor Level. They will have the use of operational fire teams to manage, assess and direct at a major aerodrome incident. This practical application will be complimented with VR exercises at our purpose built suite.

Learning to apply the necessary acquisition of knowledge and understanding, through delivery of a structured learning program (SLP). Individuals will demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge required to competently carry out the role of Airport Incident Commander at aircraft accidents / incidents.

Course Objectives                                               

At the end of the course candidates will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan and manage a training programme as per CAP 699
  • State the relevant legislation for RFFS provision at aerodromes
  • Discuss the environmental issues associated with RFFS training and aerodrome accidents / incidents
  • Apply dynamic risk assessment and the appropriate control measures associated with aircraft incidents during practical exercises and virtual reality simulations
  • Describe the principles of analytical risk assessments
  • State the role and responsibilities of the supervisor within the Incident Command System
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and communication skills that support the Incident Command System
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage crew safety and welfare
  • Discuss post incident considerations including legal implications of the decision making, actions, recording and performance of the Incident Commander and his crew during a mock courtroom exercise


Candidates attending this course must be currently certified as competent in the role of RFFS Crew Commander.