Requal’s – You will complete a test piece which will be submitted for testing and approval by Zurich. AIS Training has an onsite Zurich assessor who will complete an initial visual test before sending away for independent analysis

Coded Welding – This course will teach you how to weld to a variety of codings. We can also do specific positions, metals and joints depending on what you require.

Cutting – Get used to using oxygen cutting lances, or use our tank to practice their use if you haven’t worked with them for a while. From this course you will learn how to use ultra-thermic cutting techniques competently and safely


Coded Welding –

Our Coded Welding Course gives you the skills you need to competently weld underwater to a variety of positions and codings to BS4872, BS15618, AWSD36 standards. You will use our world-class Barracuda Welding Electrodes and we can arrange to have any material you require in stock.

Cutting –

Our intensive course will cover underwater oxy-arc cutting equipment as well as non-oxy burning electrodes. Underwater cutting takes practice and experience, this course will give you the basic skills to allow you to cut through plate and bar of various thicknesses. We can tailor the course to the number of days required by you or your employer, this can be based on our advice if requested.

Requals -

Keeping your skills up to date is important, come to AIS Training to use our tank on a daily rate individually or with colleagues. You can work to any position you require and with virtually any material including advanced materials.


All divers must hold a commercial diving certificate with a valid medical.