Rollgliss R250 Rescue Training

Rollgliss R250 Rescue Training

Rollgliss R250 Rescue training has been developed by AIS Training in conjunction with Rollgliss.

Delegates will learn to use safe, effective, reliable equipment to rescue a colleague who has fallen. This includes colleagues on fall arrest lanyards falling from the nacelle, ladder or whilst working on top of the nacelle or platform.

Course Content

Delegates completing Rollgliss R250 Rescue training will be able to;

  1. Legislation
  2. PFPE pre-user inspection and donning
  3. Rollgliss R250 specifications
  4. Rollgliss pre-user inspection
  5. Suspension intolerance
  6. Safe and correct use of the Rollgliss R250 during rescue situations


In order to complete Rollgliss R250 Rescue training, delegates must hold:

  • A valid and in-date Working at Height certificate