18th August 2015 


Everyone working in the wind industry should undertake a new training course to improve safety for the sector according to an industry expert.

The two day Rollgliss R350 Rescue course, which has been developed by AIS Training in conjunction with equipment manufacturer Rollgliss, equips wind workers with the skills needed to rescue people in a vertical and horizontal position from below.

Currently there is very little safety training for the wind industry which focusses purely on rescuing people in a downward direction. Most training assumes anyone injured or sick will need to be evacuated from the top of the turbine. However the vast majority of wind personnel work near the base of turbines or within the transition piece so statistically it is more likely someone will need to be rescued up rather than down.

This course provides comprehensive instruction on how to use Rollgliss equipment, as well as techniques and information which make upwards rescue straightforward and easy.

A recent pilot course was delivered to Dong Energy client representatives. These delegates gave it an overwhelming thumbs-up with feedback suggesting it should be rolled out across the industry.

Delegate and client representative for Dong Energy, Tim Jones, said: “AIS covers the top person retrieval of a casualty and getting them safely and speedily up though multi-levels and obstacles much better than any other training I’ve done so far.

“When you’re working in an offshore environment miles away from any emergency services you really need to be self-sufficient.  If the worst happens and someone has a heart attack or an accident you need personnel with the ability to conduct a rescue wherever it might be. Most people working on a wind turbine have the knowledge to rescue someone down from above but very few could rescue someone up from below.

“This AIS course provides that knowledge. It’s a course others working in wind should seriously consider to help further improve safety for the sector.”

Anyone wanting more information on our new Rollgliss course or other wind safety training should contact us on 0844 800 1810!