Former underground cable engineer and 3t trainee, Simon Carney is on Cloud-9 after securing his first job in the wind industry – before even finishing his course!

31-year-old Simon, who is from Bishop Auckland, has been in engineering his entire working life, most recently as the lead engineer installing underground fibre-optic cables.

Working down in the South of England meant Simon had to travel home every weekend. It was becoming tiresome and he set his sights on a better work-life balance.

“I’d always fancied moving into renewables”, said Simon.

“Wind energy is very much the future and I like the idea of working on a wind turbine and travelling all over the world. I decided to go for it. I quit my job and signed up for the Ultimate Wind Training Package >> at 3t Training Services.

"The package includes all of the mandatory training required to work in the wind industry, as well as additional courses to strengthen your CV, so it was ideal for me.

“I was recommended to use 3t Training Services and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! The training was fantastic and the instructors – in fact everyone there – couldn’t have been more helpful.

“My training was scheduled to take a month and I updated my CV and started connecting and contacting people on LinkedIn straight away. Half-way through my courses, I was contacted by renewables service company, AIS Wind Energy and offered a job in Norway working as a wind technician. I couldn’t believe my luck. It still feels surreal even now. I’m really excited to start my new career and I’m sure it will open doors for me all over the world.

“To anyone thinking of transferring into wind, I’d say stay positive and go for it. Make sure your CV is on-point and never give up. I’ve no regrets. My ultimate goal is to work in the wind industry in the States and I’m confident I’ll achieve that now.”


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