American-born David Glanz is setting his sights on a new wind career after successfully completing a GWO Blade Repair course with AIS Training.  

A former wildland fighter in the U.S. David moved to Germany two years ago and has been trying to break into the renewable energy industry ever since. To make his CV stand out to wind employers, David decided to add GWO Blade Repair to his list of skills and signed up for the course at AIS Training’s Renewable Energy Training Centre of Excellence in Newcastle.

David explains: “I’ve been working as a freelance rope access worker in Germany but ideally want a career in the wind sector. I’ve also always wanted to visit the UK so chose AIS Training to do my GWO Blade Repair course. A couple of Berlin friends are from Newcastle and they told me how nice and friendly people are. They were right, I loved the area and the people!

“My instructor Scott Bradley was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and took time to make sure I understood everything thoroughly.  Anybody considering a wind career but sitting on the fence should make the trip to AIS Training. The facility is top notch, the prices are reasonable and the staff go above and beyond to help their students. I’ve never had such a positive experience from a paid course before.  I’m now hoping to use my training to get some work in Europe as a rope access blade repair technician in the wind industry.

GWO Blade Repair Training

If you have an interest in the wind industry or believe a career as a wind turbine blade repair technician could be for you, you can book GWO Blade Repair training on the AIS Training website >>

You can also email the team or call 0330 202 0668 for more information on how to get your wind career started.