Drilling Well Control Centre of Excellence

AIS Training's sister company's new training centre of excellence for drilling and well control will offer an unrivalled training experience tailored to each individual’s learning needs.

The centre, which features the latest generation of drilling simulation technology, aims to raise competence and safety standards for drilling and well control personnel both on and offshore. 

Survivex, part of the 3T Energy Group, has invested a six-figure sum into the new facility, which is accredited by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and sits within Survivex’s existing training centre near Aberdeen International Airport in Dyce.

The first courses available at the centre include Level 3 and 4 IWCF Drilling Well Control training for both on and offshore personnel, targeting driller and supervisor levels. Every delegate on a course has a dedicated drilling and well control simulator so they can learn how to operate equipment, practise everyday operations and monitor the well without the worry of making mistakes. Crucially, they can practise emergency scenarios that cannot be replicated in the field, increasing competency and improving safety.

Course developer, Diane Duguid said: “Everyone learns in different ways and at different rates and our significant investment means that we can accommodate this and tailor training to each person’s individual needs. Because we allocate a drilling and well control simulator to each and every person on the course, our teaching styles can be adapted according to how that person is learning. For example, if someone is progressing through the training exercises quickly, we can introduce more challenging scenarios to test their knowledge. Conversely if someone is finding the training difficult, we can repeat exercises to help improve their understanding and build knowledge.

“This tailored training means we can give our delegates an unrivalled training experience and fully prepare them for the field. Differentiated learning like this can help raise standards across the entire drilling and well control sector.”

IWCF Drilling Well Control Training

IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 3 and 4 are now available to book at Survivex's new Drilling Well Control Centre of Excellence.

Please visit the Survivex website >> for course information and availability.