When Kevin Bowes' son asked him for a lift to 3t Training Services to find out more about the wind industry, he never dreamed they’d be starting a new career path together.

Kevin agreed to take his son, also called Kevin, to 3t’s Renewable Energy Training Centre of Excellence in North Tyneside. The centre offers all of the mandatory and specialist qualifications required for a career in wind including GWO training.

However, Kevin was so impressed with what he saw he decided to book 3t Training Service’s Ultimate Wind Training Package, alongside his son.

Kevin quickly recognised his skills were easily transferable to the wind sector. As well as a career as a car and coach mechanic, Kevin-senior had extensive experience as an electrician’s mate, property developer, heavy plant fitter on large caterpillar machinery and owned his own taxi company for 15 years.

Now both Kevin-senior and Kevin-junior have successfully completed a large number of GWO-approved training courses and are looking for their first role in the wind sector together.

Kevin-senior said:

“As well as working as a volunteer driver for the ambulance service, I own a bouncy castle business but was definitely missing using my mechanical skills. When son Kevin told me about the global wind industry and the type of job roles involved, I was immediately enthused and told him to go for it. I never imagined I’d be joining him! After finding out more details about what’s involved, the idea of working in global wind really appealed and tied into my existing skillset. 3t Training Services has been brilliant. They’ve given a fantastic grounding in the wind industry and equipped us with all the key skills needed by employers. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


GWO Training

You don't have to be giving someone a lift to 3t Training Services to find out more about the wind industry. You can email our team or call 0330 202 0668 for more information. 

You can also browse our wind industry training course packages >> or view the Ultimate Wind Training Package >> chosen by the Kevin's.

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