Modris Strautmanis

Keen kayaker and climber, Modris Strautmanis is looking to put his hobbies to good use in a new wind career.

Modris is one of the first delegates to complete AIS Training’s new GWO Blade Repair course at its state-of-the-art training village in Newcastle.

GWO blade repair is a sought-after qualification within the fast-growing wind sector and there are currently more than 4,500 qualified blade technicians working in the industry. On-going maintenance and repair of wind turbine blades is important for maximising the life-span of the blades and other turbine components.

Becoming a wind turbine blade technician is the perfect career option for Modris as it combines two of his favourite hobbies; climbing and building and repairing his own fibre-glass kayaks. Since wind turbine blades are largely made from fibre-glass, Modris already has a wealth of experience to offer.

Modris has worked all over the world from Iceland to Germany as a ships engineer, welder and most recently forklift engineer, but now wants to try his hand in the wind industry and leverage his love of kayaking and climbing.

Modris said: “I’ve always been very fit and active and spend a lot of time outdoors on my main hobbies kayaking and climbing.  When thinking about a new career it made sense to use the skills I’ve gained in these hobbies and a job in the wind industry fits the bill. I’m now completing all the necessary training at AIS Training. It’s great here. Excellent value for money with fantastic instructors, who are very knowledgeable and very patient! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

GWO Blade Repair training

If you have an interest in the wind industry or believe a career as a wind turbine blade repair technician could be for you, email the team or call 0330 202 0668 for more information on how to get your wind career started.

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