Ex-Royal Marine, Jonathan Askew, is celebrating after securing his first full-time job in the wind industry thanks to AIS Training.

Cramlington-born, Jonathan joined the Royal Marines after leaving school and spent 13 years working all over the world, including six operational deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.

After years of working as a mortarman with rifles and mortars, Jonathan developed tinnitus and had to be medically discharged in July this year. Having been a career marine, he was unsure what to do next and eventually decided to train for an offshore career after speaking to several friends already working in the oil and gas and wind industries.

Jonathan was recommended to AIS Training and signed up for the Ultimate Offshore Training Package, which includes up to 20 mandatory and specialist courses required to work in the oil and gas and wind sectors. He also attended AIS Training’s free careers masterclass, which provides invaluable tips and advice on CV writing and interview techniques.

All of Jonathan’s hard work and commitment paid off and he’s just scooped a full-time job as a technician in the wind industry.

Jonathan said: “Coming out of the Royal Marines with no technical experience felt very much like starting from scratch and it was a huge transition to where I am now. I’ve now got extremely marketable skills and feel completely prepared to start my first job in wind.

“AIS Training has been brilliant - I just can’t praise them enough. Top-class instruction and fantastic facilities with loads of help and advice on how to get a job. Thanks to AIS Training I’m about to embark on a completely new career and I can’t wait!”


If you'd like to join Jonathan in the wind industry, AIS Training have created discounted course packages to provide you with all elements of safety training required for you to set foot offshore.

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