New confined space training

AIS Training has opened a new state-of-the-art confined space training facility within its 20-acre training village on North Tyneside to teach people how to work in dangerous enclosed spaces.

The 7,000 square feet centre has been accredited by global industrial training body, City and Guilds and will run low, medium and high-risk confined space training courses, as well as ECITB and AIS Training confined space training courses.

Specially designed to replicate real, enclosed, industrial work spaces, the new bespoke facility features a labyrinth of tunnels, mock plant and electrical rooms, as well as a number of small confined spaces with top entry hatches. For maximum realism, the centre incorporates integrated technology including smoke machines, audio alarm systems and CCTV to simulate emergency conditions such as fires, explosions and toxic atmospheres and record trainee performance.

Confined spaces include areas such as storage tanks, silos, sewages, cargo holds, poorly ventilated rooms, enclosed drains and wind turbines and can be found in virtually every industrial sector. Employers have a duty of care under the Confined Space Regulations 1997 to assess the risks of working in a confined space and ensure people are adequately trained if required.

AIS Training, which is part of the 3T Energy Group, has invested more than £50k into its new confined space training facility and now hopes to target a range of new sectors with its enlarged course portfolio.

Lee Wilson, operations manager at AIS Training, said: “Every year in the UK, several people are killed or seriously injured in confined space incidents so training is essential for anyone working in this type of environment.

“We have been meticulous in the design and construction of our new confined space training centre to ensure it provides delegates with a high-quality, ultra-realistic training experience. Receiving approval from City and Guilds to run its confined space courses here is a glowing endorsement of the quality of facilities we’ve developed.”

How to book

City and Guilds confined space training can be booked on the AIS Training website:

ECITB and AIS Training confined spaces courses are also available. View the range of confined space training courses available at AIS Training >>

Please email the team or call 0330 202 0668 for more information information.