Expert job-hunting advice and world-class training has helped former bookie, Craig Tippins scoop his first oil and gas role as an offshore steward thanks to AIS Training.

After working as a shop manager in a bookies for the past ten years, 32-year-old Craig from Newcastle, fancied a career change. With a 16-month-old son and two step-kids, Craig was keen to spend more quality time with the family and an offshore career offered the opportunity for longer spells at home.

Following a friend’s recommendation, Craig signed up for all the mandatory offshore training courses at AIS Training’s 20-acre offshore training village in North Tyneside. As well as world-class training, Craig was given lots of tips and advice on how to look for a job effectively such as tailoring your CV and projecting the right image at interview. Within two weeks, Craig had his first interview with a large catering company and successfully secured an offshore steward position working in the North Sea.

Craig said: “Investing more than £1,000 in a training course was a big gamble for me as I had no previous offshore experience. Luckily, it’s a gamble that’s paid off big time. As an offshore steward my job is really varied, covering everything from cleaning tasks to kitchen duties, and there are lots of opportunities for progression. I’m earning considerably more than I did in my previous role and have lots more quality time to spend with the kids. It’s lovely to be able to do things like go to the park or visit the Sea Life centre with my son when I would have previously been working.

“AIS Training was brilliant. The place is extremely impressive and very professional. Everything in the offshore industry was new to me and the help and advice I got from instructors like Tony Pinkerton was invaluable for job hunting and stuck in my head. I’m convinced it really helped me get my foot in the door offshore. I haven’t regretted my decision to change careers for a minute. I can’t thank AIS Training enough.


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