What if the immersive, highly engaging nature of a video game could be applied to workplace learning to help develop skills and knowledge?

Virtual reality specialist, Neutron, which is part of AIS Training's parent company 3T Energy Group, has developed a ground-breaking app which uses artificial intelligence, lively graphics and the addictive and competitive qualities of gaming to help companies boost staff competency.  

The app uses an extremely simple premise of a two-minute quiz-based ‘work-out’ for staff to complete every morning on a mobile phone to improve knowledge and embed critical information relating to job roles.

An initial prototype has been developed for the travel industry but the range of applications are endless and the software is currently being adapted for an oil and gas-based business.

The ‘work-out quiz’ uses a limited range of topics to maximise knowledge retention and applies artificial intelligence to ensure the user is tested more rigorously in subject areas in which they are weak. The scores are automatically added to a company leader-board to harness competitiveness as a motivator for learning.

Instead of a chore, the app makes training fun and an on-going activity to help with memory retention.

The Neutron creators of the app know a thing or two about how to engage people. All have a background in the gaming industry. This expertise is invaluable and becomes obvious when you see the app, which includes a customisable avatar.

Neutron co-founder, Richard Coates said: “Millenials have been brought up with technology and it’s second nature to them. Traditional training methods are no longer going to suffice for effective workplace learning. Our app harnesses the power of video game technology to engage people and enables businesses to impart highly targeted, critical information in a fun way. This ultimately creates competent, knowledgeable staff who are equipped to deliver the highest quality service to customers.

To find out more about Neutron please visit http://www.neutronvr.com/

For information on 3T Energy Group visit https://www.3tenergygroup.com/