Advanced scaffolder, Bri McRoberts, is packing for his first offshore trip just days after successfully completing his mandatory oil and gas training with AIS Training.

Bri, aged 45, from Newcastle has been working in the oil and gas sector for the past five years constructing and maintaining the Shetland Gas Plant on a seasonal basis. However, Bri always wanted to work offshore so when his employers guaranteed him full-time work if he agreed to complete his BOSIET certificate, he jumped at the chance and signed up for the offshore survival package at AIS Training’s flagship 20-acre training village in Newcastle.

Bri was apprehensive before the training as he actively dislikes the idea of breathing apparatus and being underwater. But AIS Training’s instructors helped Bri combat his fears, making him feel comfortable in the water. Bri passed the course with flying colours and shortly afterwards got the call for his first offshore job!

Bri said: “Although I was keen to get all of my offshore certificates, I was petrified about the training. I really shouldn’t have been. The instructors at AIS Training were fantastic. They were really calm and supportive and took me through everything step by step to ensure I passed the course. As well as excellent instructors, the facilities at AIS Training are extremely modern and clean and the food is magnificent. I’ve already recommended them to my friend who is now planning his training with AIS.”

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