AIS Training never gives up on delegates.

When chef, Lee Patton, couldn’t complete his offshore survival training due to an uncontrollable gag reflex when using the compressed air emergency breathing system, he was ready to walk away from a guaranteed offshore job.

Using a compressed air emergency breathing system is a mandatory requirement for oil and gas workers and without the certificate to say you’ve successfully used the system in an emergency situation you won’t pass your offshore survival training and can’t work offshore.

But the AIS Training team weren’t prepared to give up on Lee. After researching the issue, the team came up with an ingenious way of overcoming Lee's gag reflex.

Instructor Tony Pinkerton said: “We gave Lee a simple tip to clench his thumb with his fingers to distract his brain and overcome his automatic gag reflex. And it worked! Lee went on to complete his survival training with us and will be starting his new offshore job soon. This is just one example of how we work closely with individual delegates to help them achieve their goals. We’ll always go the extra mile to help someone. Whatever it takes!”

Lee said: “I can’t thank AIS Training enough. Without their help I certainly wouldn’t be starting my first job offshore. I am extremely grateful.”