Former teacher, Jonathon Farley is forging a new high-flying career in the wind sector after successfully completing an Advanced Blade Repair course with 3t Training Services.

Bradford-born Jonathon worked as a teacher for more than ten years but spotted an opportunity to work in the fast-growing, lucrative wind industry after gaining rope access qualifications for his job.

Jonny went on to complete a package of GWO courses, which are needed to work in the global wind industry, and finally added the much-in-demand Advanced Blade Repair qualification to his CV.

Within weeks of completing the course, Jonny was offered a job working in wind blade repair in America earning four times as much as he did before. Now with opportunities coming in left, right and centre, Jonny is set on his new wind career and is planning his progression.

Jonathon Farley said: “I’ve never regretted retraining for a new career in wind. If you’re a practical person and are prepared to invest in yourself, there are lots and lots of opportunities out there.”

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