Transition Training Fund

Almost 4,000 people have had their training funded through Skills Development Scotland, 87% of those surveyed after their training had successfully found a job after completing training. The £12m Transition Training Fund was set up by the Scottish Government and is managed by Skills Development Scotland. It offers support with training grants to help you to retrain, upskill or get accreditation or certification that would help you get a new job in oil and gas, the wider energy sector, or engineering and manufacturing.

Who can be helped?

The Fund is available to people at any time after being made redundant, or facing the threat of redundancy. You won’t be disadvantaged if you’ve already done training with other support such as your SDS Individual Learning Account or the Employability Fund.

What do you need to do?

To apply you only need your National Insurance number and to complete a simple online form. If at any stage you have a question you can speak to a SDS (Skills Development Scotland) advisor on 0808 100 1855.

The online form can be accessed HERE 

What courses can you do?

Support from the fund will only cover training costs – not travel or subsistence. Training costs will be agreed on a case by case basis. So you may be offered a contribution, or up to 100% of the costs. Funding may be approved for up to £4,000. You can only apply once, but your application could support multiple training courses if necessary.

You can apply for up to £4,000 of courses which could include (but are not limited to)...

  • Rope Access
  • Scaffolding
  • GWO Wind packages
  • Sea Survival courses
  • Emergency response
  • NDT and welding
  • Rigging & lifting

Eligibility Criteria

You're resident in Scotland and are currently working in or have recently stopped working in the Oil & Gas sector. For detailed criteria see below:

  • You must be resident in Scotland
  •  You have been made redundant or currently at risk of redundancy from the Oil and Gas Sector or its supply chain
  •  You have worked in the Oil and Gas sector or the supply chain as an employee or contractor
  •  You must be able to show that the training will help you get a new job
  •  You must be actively seeking employment
  •  You have not committed to, or undergone, the course of training you’re looking for funding for

To find out what courses are available, check out our courses online or speak to the AIS Training team on 0844 800 1810 (Option 1) and ensure you mention the "Training Transition Fund".