The wind industry is migrating to the new BTT (Basic Technical Training) standard for qualified wind technicians on the 31st March 2018. 

All newly qualified wind turbine technicians will be expected by GWO Member companies to be certified in GWO BTT from 31st March 2018. All technicians with a pre-existing entry level training obtained prior to 31st March 2018 should either seek merit assessment from their employer or where appropriate, apply for pre-existing training validation and gap training against their existing qualifications from a BTT Certified Training Provider.

In this updated blog post the team from GWO covers the Merit Gap Training option for existing qualified personnel to simply complete a half days merit training. Alternatively, if you don’t have pre-existing entry level training, check out our blog below:


In advance of the BTT becoming the standard for newly qualified technicians on 31.03.2018, GWO has developed a new support structure and requirements for meriting and gap training technicians with existing training.

The Requirements for performing BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment are designed for BTT Certified Training Providers to validate pre-existing training and gap train where necessary, supporting the industry’s transition to the BTT. This process will be particularly useful for those technicians who operate either as sole traders or are employed by smaller businesses with fewer than 25 people.

The requirements provide a structure for BTT Certified Training Providers to:

a) Verify delegates’ past training through currently held certification

b) Deliver gap training

c) Upload BTT training records to WINDA.

Gap analysis is essential to the standardisation process. It provides guidance for the GWO members’ suppliers, ISPs and others who have technicians employed with legacy technical training such as Siemens 1-4 or MHI Vestas/VWS “Service & Installation D”.

The Requirements for performing BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment stipulate that:

1.     You are certified in BTT

2.     You must verify the delegate’s pre-existing training

3.     Deliver the gap training, according to the BTT Gap Matrix

All gap training will be offered according to the BTT Gap Matrix compiled by GWO. Compilation of the Matrix is a live process. The Matrix currently includes Siemens Level-1-4 and will shortly be updated with Vestas Service Level D The GWO Secretariat will share the BTT Gap Matrix on an ongoing basis as Manufacturers complete their analyses.

AIS Training are the first training provider to offer Merit Gap Training. This is a half day course that we are delivering in Newcastle and also in Aberdeen & Grimsby subject to minimum numbers for the course.

The half day training is a mix of practical and theoretical training that subject to the delegate passing will result in a GWO Certificate being issued and uploaded onto the WINDA database.


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