When oil and gas giant, Cape needed to improve the safety and efficiency on painter blaster projects in the Middle East it turned to AIS Training for help.

AIS Training developed a bespoke Blaster / Sprayer training course for Cape covering everything from the reasons why coatings fail to surface preparation techniques and hand painting and spraying methods.

One of AIS Training’s expert instructors travelled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to deliver this bespoke training onsite to 15 Cape employees.

Working in temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the instructor took Cape’s delegates through three days of intensive training and practical exercises and techniques to establish safe and consistent working practises when blasting and coating surfaces.

All of the delegates passed the training with flying colours and the feedback from Cape was extremely positive with our onsite contact acknowledging that AIS Training was ‘extremely professional’ and ‘the course went very well.’

AIS Director of Training, Paul Attrill said: “We were delighted to work with Cape to improve the competency of its workers in the UAE. The correct training can have a huge impact on the efficiency and productivity of personnel and this particular course was tailored to the exact needs of Cape in that region.

“The UK and AIS Training is renowned across the globe for having the very highest industry standards. As well as being able to deliver world-class training tailored to the client’s requirements, AIS Training is extremely nimble and can mobilise anywhere in the world whenever needed.

“In this case we were able to help Cape improve the knowledge and skills of its blaster / painters which in turn will hopefully help to raise overall standards across the UAE region and boost project efficiencies.”