What is WINDA?

WINDA is the global Wind Industry Training Records Database launched by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

The purpose of this database is to verify the certification status of GWO training providers and the training status of delegates who have attended GWO training courses.

Delegates will be able to access personal verified information on the status and validity of training courses completed. Employers can also see what certified training courses delegates have completed by searching for their WINDA ID.

Why is WINDA important?

WINDA will be where all of your certified training is recorded.

You will need to provide your individual WINDA ID to your training provider before attending your training.

All of your certified training will be recorded against your individual WINDA ID number so you and your employers can verify the training.

What if I don't have a WINDA ID?

If you do not have a WINDA ID, your certificate will not be GWO certified and will not be recognised within the GWO WINDA database. This means employers won’t be able to find you within the database and won’t be able to verify your training.

What happens to my previous GWO certified training?

Any training completed prior to 17th October 2016 will not be input into the WINDA database. You will need to have the original copy of your certificate as proof of training. 

How to I get a WINDA ID?

Getting a WINDA ID is simple! Follow the steps below to receive your individual WINDA ID number. 


  1. Go to www.winda.globalwindsafety.org
  2. Select ‘Register’
  3. Select ‘Delegate Registration’
  4. Complete the form
  5. Ensure you accept the T&C’s and Data Privacy and select ‘Registration’
  6. An activation email will be sent to your email address
  7. Choose a password and select ‘Activate and Login’
  8. Your account is now set up

In the top right hand corner you will notice your name and then your WINDA ID in brackets. This is the ID number you need to provide to your training provider before you commence your training to ensure you get registered with GWO and your training and certification is logged in your account.

You must provide us with your WINDA ID within 10 working days of completing your course or you will not be registered in the GWO database.

If you have any questions, please speak to your instructor or call us on 0330 202 0569.