As thousands of 16-year-olds gear up to receive GCSE results tomorrow, leading training provider AIS is urging youngsters to consider a vocational career route over more traditional academic alternatives.

To help youngsters make an informed choice, AIS Training has created a series of guides on its website outlining some of the most popular offshore careers and will also be holding a series of open days at its 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art offshore training village on North Tyneside in the next few months.

The training village features realistic training environments which mirror those found in the workplace and will give youngsters a real taste of what it would be like to work in the global energy sector.

AIS Training is also opening a dedicated careers advice office in the next few months to provide face-to-face advice.

The company is committed to developing young people and follows an extremely proactive apprenticeship policy with six apprentices currently employed.

Paul Stonebanks, managing director at AIS, said: “It’s important that young people don’t get blinkered when thinking about their future career and stay open minded to all the alternatives.

“The costs of going to university can be extensive with tuition fees, accommodation and food bills sometimes adding up to tens of thousands of pounds so we want to remind youngsters that there are potential vocational routes open to them as well.

“The vocational route is not the ‘less clever’ option that it used to be seen as – there are many different careers to choose from and a wide variety of skills to be gained. There’s also the added advantage that vocational training can potentially help you get into the workplace and earning money much quicker.

“The global energy sector offers extremely lucrative careers and there are currently lots of job opportunities on offer. At AIS Training we have a great record of getting people into work and we want to help young people see the huge potential and large career choice available in global energy. We would advise youngsters to stay open minded and look around before making any career decisions.  They can check out our online guides and, if any of the careers jump out, come and talk to us to see how we can help you get on the right path.”