AIS is developing world-class offshore emergency response teams able to tackle any crisis thanks to a revolutionary approach to training.

When an offshore emergency occurs, those first on the scene need to be able to handle whatever faces them – after all you can’t just dial 999 when you’re in the middle of the North Sea.

AIS Training ensures that emergency response teams are trained together in an incredibly realistic environment to replicate field conditions as closely as possible. This approach boosts team bonding, improves communication and creates highly-performing, cohesive units that can cope with any emergency.  One example of this is a training course that AIS recently delivered for a major global offshore operator at its state-of-the-art emergency fire training facility at Newcastle Airport.

AIS worked with the client to develop a tailored training programme using platform specific details to accomplish the industry standard for offshore emergency response team members and leaders.

As well as covering all the units required by OPITO, AIS replicated the emergency scenarios and settings that the client’s ERT personnel might face in the field. All ERT shift members, from junior personnel to senior leaders, were trained together in eight challenging emergency scenarios which tested their competency levels to the limit. Everyone successfully completed the two day programme.

AIS also managed all of the delegate’s accommodation, food and travel needs via its onsite hotel, restaurant and dedicated mini-bus service.

AIS’s Group Operations Manager, Adrian Barron, said: “Our approach to emergency response training fosters a really strong team ethic. On occasions like this when we are able to train an entire ERT together, we ensure that our course replicates everything from cabin numbers to individual valve numbers and public announcements. This way the ERT teams see and experience things as they would in their real work environment.

 “Training with colleagues you work with day-in, day-out pushes you to higher levels and fine tunes communication – it is a very effective way to create a cohesive team. This ultimately creates safer offshore environments and protects lives.”

The client’s competency adviser was delighted with the training delivered by AIS. He said: “This was a prime example of operational excellence in practice. We were extremely impressed with AIS’s flexibility and listening approach. 

“As well as delivering an exceptional fully-bespoke course that our personnel really enjoyed, AIS took care of the entire training experience from managing accommodation to providing food and travel. This made the entire process extremely easy and straightforward and considerably reduced the overall total cost.”

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